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Control engineering consultant for the oil and gas industry. Process control, de-bottlenecking, compressors, slugging and control system PID tuning.

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Try my well-known Process Identification and PID Tuning package U-Tune.

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I have written several tutorials on the practicalities of process control.

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Contek's Process Control Products
U-Tune PID Tuning Package
The U-Tune PID Tuning package was produced after years of problem solving and tuning for the North Sea oil and gas industry. Although the vast majority of processes can be characterised by simple delay-lag dynamics, many expensive tuning packages fail to cater for the excessive noise and disturbances typifying the process response.

U-Tune succeeds by giving the process control engineer direct input into the process identification phase and by providing easy comparison of test results.

The tuning algorithms have been thoroughly tested on compressor anti-surge and load sharing controllers, separator level controllers, produced water and water injection control systems, flaring, export control and much more.

PID tuning package
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U-Tune FAQ

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U-Tune PID Tuning Calculator
The PID tuning calculator uses the same tuning algorithm as U-Tune but without the process identification and tuning parameter management features. Simply type in the process gain, delay and lag time as obtained from step tests and the calculator will provide tuning parameters for your process controller.

The User Guide gives full information on performing step tests with examples from ideal and real process controller response characteristics.

Process controller tuning calculator
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Calculator FAQ

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Other In-house Software Packages
I spend approximately 120 days each year offshore embedded in process and control issues of many different types. To help me in this work, I have developed a whole range of software tools and calculators, not just the PID tuning packages shown on this page. Some day, I may even find the time to productise a few of them. Until that time, my consultancy clients will get the benefit of the following and other packages:

Tuning parameter variability analysis to examine the spread of the process model estimates, primarily to ensure that stability constraints are not exceeded.

Conversion of compressor controller inputs into the anti-surge process variable. For example, the calculation of S for CCC controllers required for accurate tuning of anti-surge controllers.

Proximity to surge analyser to view the applicability of the configured compressor surge line and the approach path of the compressor operating point towards surge.

Control engineering analysis tools